This is your life (in OPML)

Steve Sloan:

"OPML allows us to organize all of our content, and the content of anything else that can be linked to into hierarchies that make it easy to find information by topic. And, we get to choose the topics and those hierarchies can be linked to, shared and included in other people's OPML trees. This is so cool. So, using OPML I have created my own little Yahoo and other folks can plug into it. I love it, I have only just begun to organize my unorganized virtual universe."

It was through Steve's OPML outliner that I found a presentation (in podcast form) he delivered to Professor Cynthia McCune's journalism and PR students at San Jose State University. What was interesting is how none of these journalism students seemd to have either read We The Media nor currently blogging. It sounded like a rude awakening...It was great stuff to listen to.

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