Time to share my predictions for 2005

Time to share my predictions for 2005...

  1. allofmp3.com gets bigger (and adds an RSS feed)
  2. Podcasting buzzes to video content
  3. Bill Gates doesn't launch his blog (I hope I'm wrong)
  4. My wife starts her first blog (on http://spaces.msn.com, primarily for distributing photos)
  5. RSS not 'ubiquitous' yet, but makes it into the Interactive Advertising Bureau's (IAB) Ad Campaign Measurement and Audit Guidelines
  6. In-Flight broadband wi-fi access offered by one major airline - (Update - James Governor kindly points out SAS has already done this...doh!)
  7. Email spam becomes a non-issue for end-users, but Mobile & Comment spamming gets worse
  8. Online extortion grows
  9. The 'Browser Wars' are back
  10. I don't get a parking ticket in London