Well, it is time for a change for me.

Well, it is time for a change for me. On January 16th I'll be starting my new job (moving outside of MSDN and TechNet team but still within Microsoft and still at Redmond) within the Data Programmability (DP) team (within SQL / WinFS).

I'll blog more on this later, but in case you're asking yourself what Data Programmability 'means' and 'is'...best answer to point you to right now is the MSDN Data site which pretty much covers the range of technologies / products the team is responsible for.

In the meantime you can check out a Beta version of the MSDN home page (hey - it's a 'beta'...very Web 2.0 ;-). The new home page demonstrates *some* of the globalization/personalization/profile features that will end up on the final MSDN and TechNet sites in the very near future. More info here.

I'm on a holiday break now till the new year and so heading to London for some friends and family catch-ups. Let me know if you're up for meeting.