'where we place our RSS links'

Nice post by Nick Wilson:

"I'm talking about where we place our rss links.

On the right, you can see a map that was produced as part of the EyeTrack 3 study written up by Steve Outing last year. It shows you how people's eyes move over a web page, particularly, a news page, which in our case, as bloggers, is pretty damn relevant.

So, if that's how people view a page, and a subscription to our blogs feed is truly gold, why the hell do we insist on burying our feed links down at the bottom of the page? "

Yup, it drives me mad too Nick. This blog's template has the RSS feed link (Atom and Email) at the top right hand of the page. The last place anyone looks according to the study. Fortunately, I don't want you to use it. I want you to use the RSS feed linked to on the left hand of this page (provided by Feedburner - more usable, more options). Problem is I don't know how to replace / remove / move the one at the top. Good news is, no one will find it ;-)