Windows Live Search, with Macros!

The Windows Live news just keep coming....this time it's Windows Live Search, with Macros!

Nathan over at Inside Microsoft takes a look...

Microsoft Gadgets has a collection of them to play with....

Brandon LeBlanc created two Macros himself.

Niall Kennedy likes Macros too:

"More advanced users can setup their own macro for preferred review sites, conservative bloggers, or whatever else is of interest. It's part Rollyo , part OpenSearch , and opens up many advanced features for geeks to help more novice searchers."

I've not had a chance to create my own, but I've got a few ideas...

Richard MacManus is pretty excited overall by the new Windows Live Search. Joe Wilcox at Microsoft Monitor has a review too.

Nathan's also got some stuff on the Windows Live Image Search too...oh look, hairy lobster!