Windows Live Writer (my first post)

This is my first post on my MSDN blog using the new Windows Live Writer released today by J.J. Allaire and his team (download the .msi here).

I took me around 2 minutes (including the download and setup) to get it talking to the MSDN blog (using the Metaweb API). Wow.

The code is clean (can view source and can see there are no funny / weird schemas being forced in) - at least that I have seen.

Links to check out:

  • J.J. Allaire introducing Windows Live Writer on the new team blog
  • Liveside has an interview with J.J. Allaire talking about the history of the tool and some of its features
  • Developers can extend the capabilities of Writer to publish additional content types using Windows Live Writer SDK (.msi)
  • Nathan @ Inside Microsoft walks the the setup process for getting Live Writer working on his blog - lots of screenshots including this one (I'm using to test the 'Intert Picture' feature):

 Congrats to the team!!