Word add-in - a load of Bull

Using a Word add-in can be fun as well as useful. A fun example is Bullfighter, (found via Web Pages that Suck), the 'epoch-defining software that works with Microsoft Word and PowerPoint to help you find and eliminate jargon in your documents'.

The authors are now using Bullfighter as the deterimining factor in their Manure Madenss Tournament, where 32 of the largest 100 companies to release a 2005 annual report slug it out to be to of the heap, including Microsoft.

"It’s that time of year again when corporate types everywhere are transfixed by the drama and spectacle of annual report season (sort of). Now the team at FighttheBull.com announces comprehensive, blow-by-blow coverage of the clichés, platitudes and truckloads of bull that grace some of the most expensive print materials ever destined for the recycle bin."

Manure Madness Brackets

The sotware is inspired and created by the authors of 'Why Business People Speak Like Idiots'.

"This is just the kind of synergistic, customer-centric, upsell-driven, out-of-the-box, customizable, strategically tactical, best-of-breed thought leadership that will help our clients track to true north. Let's fly this up the flagpole and see where the pushback is."

This video rant on on the word 'Ecosystem' is worth watching, more rants here.