X buys Y

Lots of acquisitions this week:

My cynical side says Bubble 2. Charlie Wood just can't wait for another bubble).

Here is this week's Bubble-pop fuel (so far):

"WTF ?, they just make 1 million or so per year depends heavily on
natural search engine ranking for traffic and they are acquired for a 30
something multiple?:

"Revolution Health Group
has acquired several start-up firms and has made equity investments in
others as part of a plan to unleash a new consumer-oriented health
portal and other services next year."

"Get out the khakis and blue shirts, it's a
bubble, and we're not just in it, we
are it! Haha. Everyone high-fives
everyone else, and says "You rock" to each other. (Except it's 2005 not 1999 and
no one gives a sh*t.)"

"Now Om Malik
has discovered something even more remarkable: MailNation is offering
one terabyte of email storage for free!

But you’ve got to stop and ask yourself: will
this company be around in a year’s time?"

"The relevance of this for marketers is two-fold: it demonstrates how RSS is not an-US isolated development, but rather a global one; and it also shows that the RSS market is maturing.

The most probable next development phase will probably include
strong CMS and e-mail marketing vendors acquireing RSS leading
companies, or their own ventures in to RSS.

In an even more "violent" display of industry consolidation, NewsGator
took control of yet another RSS reader, bringing the company to first
place among RSS reading software, considering all of its properties.

Same comment as above applies --- certainly a good sign for the industry."