Yet another positive of having a deaf ear

Further to my ealier post providing thoughts on the bright side of being deaf in one ear, George (who'd been conscripted to go the Greek army for the next 9 months) brings us news that there is yet another positive side to this auditory ailment:

unexpected happenned, and I have already received my apolytirion from
the army; on Monday, the day I enlisted, they did some medical tests
and they found out that I'm deaf from the right ear (something I am
well aware of, of course, since the age of five), and, to my great
astonishment and surprise, they told me that they are compelled to give
me my apolytirion on medical grounds. Well, I am a
free citizen again!"


Btw, George is not also the possesor of a 'lucky deaf ear', he's also the author of this excellent paper 'Blogging the Market' published around 2 years ago. Well worth a read - still completely (if not more) relevant today as it was then.