Blogging database scripts

For a while now I've been using a blogging database for demos, presentations, videos etc.

For example I used my little blogging database for the Getting Started with the Entity Framework video I did.

Every time I do something with this database I invariably get asked by people if they can have a copy of the scripts.

So here they are.

I've used numerous variations on the basic database structure over time, here are the two key variations, zipped together and attached:

  • Blogging.sql: is a very basic model with no inheritance, although it does include a number of stored procedures, some of which demonstrate how you can use stored procedures to do things like auditing etc. This is the script used in the EF intro video.
  • Blogging_TPT.sql: Introduces TPT inheritance to the database.

These databases don't necessarily represent best practices, for example in the Blogging.sql database the PK of the Blogs table is a string, which is the URL of the blog, this is not exactly recommended, and we used only to illustrate that EF can handle this sort of legacy database scenario just fine.