2012 Microsoft US Forum Wrap Up

I missed out on most of the US Forum this year but as I said on Monday () I was able to attend the gala that finished out the event with the award ceremony. I wanted to link to more information provided by people who were there for the whole event though. This picture below includes many of the attendees at the gala. Can you find me? The winners who will be going on to compete at the world wide forum are listed at the TeacherTec blog.


Doug Bergman who was a judge wrote up his experiences and insights at a post titled The Value of Innovative Education

The amazing Vicki Davis AKA @coolcatteacher live blogged a number of the keynotes and major talks:

One of the highlights of the gala was this Call Me Maybe #PiLUS video: which was created at the event and showed some of the fun people and what went on during the forum.

For those of you interested in what sort of projects were involved in the 2012 US Forum all of the projects are described here. the projects.

There is also a post listing and thanking all of the 2012 US Forum Judges Panel. An impressive group of people who did a tough job and did it well.

Are you an innovative teacher? Are you doing cool things with technology in education? You may want to submit an application next year. Hope to see you there!