Computer Science Mythbusters

Over at Millikin University the CS department has collected a set of myths about computer science and responses.

Myth # 1: There are no jobs! They've all been outsourced overseas...
Myth # 2: Computer Science is just programming...
Myth # 3: Computer Scientists are loners, chained to a computer.
Myth # 3: Computer Science doesn't pay that well. 
Myth # 4: Computer Science is not relevant.

It is amazing to me that we even need to have myth buster pages for tales like those but in fact we do.There is a lot of FUD out there. There are lots of jobs, CS is more than programming, most computer scientists are regular people who lead very social lives, computer science can pay very well indeed and of course CS has never been more relevant or part of everyones daily life then it is today. Check out the longer answers with links to supporting data at

And of course computer science is a whole lot of fun as well. Why does everyone forget to talk about the fun part!