DigiGirz - a technology experience for girls

Over at the Technical Careers @ Microsoft blog Priya writes about the DigiGirlz camp that Microsoft sponsored last summer and will again this coming summer. Besides the camp at Redmond, where some very high level women executives spoke to the girls, they will be running camps in North Carolina, North Dakota and Texas. I'll bet most people don't know that Microsoft has a major operation in North Dakota. But they do. See there is a lot to learn about Microsoft and about the IT field.

These camps are an opportunity for women at Microsoft to share their interests in technology with young girls and to try to inspire them to learn more about the IT field and possible careers. I talked to some of the women involved in this program on my last visit to Redmond and I have to say their excitement and interest was inspiring to me. This seems like a great opportunity for high school girls.

I'm sure more information about next summer's camps will be forthcoming but for know if you know a girl who would benefit from a program like this you may want to tell them about it. Point them off to Priya’s post for starters. There are links to more information there.