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Are you back at school yet? Hope you had a good holiday break. I know I did. The other day I got the Imagine Cup newsletter via email and thought that this might be a good time to share some of the competitive opportunities that you may know a student or group of students who are interested in taking on a challenge. The Imagine Cup has a number of them:

Imagine Cup 2011 ChallengesEven if you are already competing or are new to the Imagine Cup, you still may want to do even more to help solve the world's toughest problems. Sign up to compete in a Challenge. Challenges are cool because they offer two different ways to compete - either incorporate the Challenge requirements into your current Imagine Cup project or build the Challenge solution from scratch. 2011 Challenges include:

  • Interoperability Challenge: Build technical bridges and blend out-of-the-box Microsoft technologies with other technologies to create applications that connect people, data, and diverse systems in new ways.
  • IT Challenge: Tests the brightest minds in developing, deploying, and maintaining IT systems that are efficient, functional, robust, and secure.
  • Windows 7 Touch Challenge: Envision technology that allows people to use their computer in a more natural, accessible, and interactive way. Develop solutions that use Touch technology while expanding the possibilities of how a user can interact with a computer and make the world a better place.
  • Orchard Challenge: Innovate and define an indispensible module that everyone will need by using Orchard—an up-and-coming open source CMS platform.

And of course there are the main events as it were.

Check out what’s new in 2011!

  • Software Design: Designed for the best programmers, thinkers, and solution builders. Competitors are asked to use their creative genius to develop a software solution inspired by the 2011 theme.
  • Embedded Development: Go beyond the desktop, work on tomorrow’s technology, and use creativity to build a complete embedded device that will help solve the world’s toughest problems.
  • Game Design: Where art and science come together. Through one of the three game design competition tracks competitors will learn and advance toward a career as a game developer or entrepreneur.
  • Digital Media: Video and photography enthusiasts create web video submissions that touch on issues in our global society related to the 2011 theme and then devise a plan to share it with the world.
  • Windows Phone 7: Be one of the first developers to build an XAP application, exclusively for the revolutionary Windows Phone 7 platform.

Imagine Cup Solve This!
Want to create an Imagine Cup project that may have real-world impact? Need an idea for your Competition or Challenge entry? Or maybe you've already started your Imagine Cup project and you want to see how it might impact a specific problem from an IGO, NGO or non-profit?

Even if you are a current competitor, returning to the Imagine Cup or a new competitor - the Imagine Cup Solve This program invites you to research real-world problems submitted by IGOs, NGOs and non-profits that you can then incorporate in to part of your Imagine Cup project. Search the Imagine Cup Solve This library and find an issue that matters most to you. Put your ideas into action as you create solutions that could change the world.

There are also a number of good resources for learning what one needs to know to compete. And ways to get more information about the whole Imagine Cup “thing.”

Learning Center & Student Resources
Need resources to help you get started? Visit the Learning Center & Student Resources page for trainings, free eBooks, seminars, tools, and more. New resources are added all of the time, so check back often for the latest information.

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