Interesting Links 30 April 2012

Home again! A lot of traveling the last two weeks but I’ll be home for a while now. I had a great time at the FIRST Robotics Championship talking to students who did some interesting things with the Kinect. Before that the Imagine Cup finals and before that a couple of days in New York City. Today is catch up with all the email that I didn’t get to during all the travel. If you are waiting for something for me I’ll try hard to catch up as soon as possible.

An interesting post in which a  Three-time Partners in Learning US Forum alum reflects on her evolution teaching students and teachers. Good stuff!

Just Announced – the new  Microsoft Foundry Summer Program at NERD for college students to develop apps for Windows 8.

We are thrilled to announce today the launch of the Foundry, a brand new summer program for students to build apps for Windows 8 at NERD. The Foundry will be a twelve week program starting in early June. The students will form teams with the goal of building and releasing apps for Windows 8. We will provide training, mentorship, product reviews, space and infrastructure to help the teams be successful. The students will also participate in some of the many startup and tech community activities in the region.

Sign up for the  Boston area college student developers Information Session and maybe spend your summer building apps for Windows 8!

TEALS: Helping students discover computer science Read about this great program that is working hard to help with the shortage of computer science educators in American high schools.

Grant Kot is an impressive musician who also writes code. He has a great Musical Windows 8 app which he demonstrated at the recent Windows 8 Developer Camp NYC. Take a listen.

From Microsoft News, Saving the world, one tech project at a time. Imagine Cup turns 10

Heading into the U.S. national finals, Microsoft’s signature technology competition has reached 1.25 million students worldwide over the past 10 years.

Please vote for the US Imagine Cup people's choice  I'm voting for the high school team called Digital Infinity and I hope you will consider voting for them as well.