Its finally here!!! Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) for the WORLD!!!

I'm deliberately late in blogging this since I wanted to make sure I wasn't jumping the gun, but doesn't mean I am the least bit less excited about saying this. After 5 years in hibernation, Internet Explorer is finally back with a major version update. Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) has been released today for Windows XP. Its available for download on the Microsoft website. There isn't anything that I can say here thats going to be additional about IE than whats been posted on the IE blog. So I'll spare everyone the redundancy of that. I just want to share my excitement on achieving this milestone. When I joined Microsoft over 5 years ago as part of the IE team, we were at the brink of releasing IE6. I was part of the excitement that surrounded shipping XP and IE6 but I hadn't been a part of the team long enough to really experience the emotions of releasing something as major as IE to the world. 5+ years later and at the end of a long and hard journey that invovled Windows Server 2003, IE6sp1, XPSP2, ServerSP1, Security related releases and countless fixes released to Corporate Customers before finally getting the focus on track to the next version of IE, I feel very proud to be a part of a team that endlessly strives to make the lives of end users better and more comfortable. There have been ups and downs along the way but I can safely say that yesterday and today are definitely an UP.

 I hope you will download and use IE7 and I look forward to hearing from our users and reading their feedback. This is just the beginning of a new world for IE and I hope you are as excited about being a part of it as I am.

Happy browsing and Cheers!