Create a consistent look for your website and get started with ASP.NET Razor Syntax by adding a page footer

ASP.NET Razor syntax is an easy way to mix HTML and code, like C# or VB.  It’s not exclusive to WebMatrix, but it can be helpful in customizing your websites by giving your web pages a consistent look and feel.  Let’s see how easy it is to get started using Razor syntax in WebMatrix.  First, if you don’t have WebMatrix, DOWNLOAD IT HERE.  I am using the WebMatrix 2 Beta version released in September 2011.

Fire up WebMatrix and Select Templates.


Select Photo Gallery. Provide a Site Name and click OK.


Hit Run.


Check out the default footer.  We’re going to change it!  How exciting!

old footer

Navigate to your files at the bottom left.  Right-click your web site and select New File


Because we want to mix HTML and C#, we want to create a file with the .cshtml extension.  Name your file “PageFooter.cshtml”


Go to _SiteLayout.cshtml and remove the existing code for the page footer.


Replace the HTML with Razor syntax code, designated by the ‘@’ character, @RenderPage(“PageFooter.cshtml”)


Open your PageFooter.cshtml file and come up with a witty new footer.


Hit Run, and behold the new footer!


You can create a consistent look across your pages by using @RenderSection and @RenderBody to inject code where designated in a similar manner.