Hey students! Want to win great prizes like Windows Azure Platform passes, Kinect for Windows sensors, up to $8000 USD, and a free trip to Australia?

Round 1 submission deadlines for concept designs are rapidly approaching, so get in your great ideas!


The Imagine Cup Challenges are open to students from all over the world:

         Kinect Fun Labs Challenge  (deadline: March 6)

         Windows Metro Style App Challenge  (2 quizzes left: Quiz 5 is 2/28, Quiz 6 is 3/6)

         Windows Azure Challenge (deadline: March 13)

         Windows Phone Challenge (deadline: March 13)

Step 1:  Register.  (Please note that if you were registered on the Imagine Cup US site, you will need to register on the Imagine Cup Worldwide site to participate in the Challenges.)

Step 2:  Sign up to compete in one of the challenge categories.

Step 3:  Make sure you have all of the necessary tools and bring your great ideas to life!

Check out the competition details on www.imaginecup.com