Top 5 reasons to go to SoCal Code Camp this weekend

It’s not too late to RSVP for SoCal Code Camp at USC this weekend. As if you needed any more convincing, here are 5 reasons to RSVP and go to SoCal Code Camp:

5. You want to learn about something you’re interested in from technical leaders in the community. This is not a Microsoft event, so there are plenty of opportunities to learn about anything from agile to surviving a technical interview to non-Microsoft technologies. Of course, there are also plenty of sessions on Microsoft technologies.

4. You didn’t register in time for Phone Camp in Costa Mesa Thursday, 10/13/2011, or you can’t make it. Don’t worry! Your favorite Phone Camp presenters will be at SoCal Code Camp. Simply DOWNLOAD THE PHONE SDK and sign up for Windows Phone sessions.

full reg phone camp_thumb[2]

3. You (or someone you know) would like to learn about a cool free tool to create, customize, and publish your websites quickly and easily. Get a head start by DOWNLOADING WEBMATRIX HERE and attend my session on Saturday.

2. Hungry? There’s free food at SoCal Code Camp. And the first 150 attendees get free food and drinks at Casey’s Bar and Grill for Geek Dinner Saturday evening.

1. It’s FREE! And SoCal Code Camp is one of the best things in life, an awesome experience of learning and networking that you don’t want to miss. Don’t believe me? I can prove it mathematically:

The Best Things in Life = Free (because the best things in life are free)
SoCal Code Camp = Free –> Free = SoCal Code Camp (by the Symmetric Property)
The Best Things in Life = SoCal Code Camp (by the Transitive Property)
–>SoCal Code Camp = The Best Things in Life (by the Symmetric Property)

QED. Or just sign up and check it out Smile

And here’s proof that I’ve always been a little bit of a math nerd. Halloween costumes I made for me and my friends in high school:

math shirts_thumb[5]