[VIDEO] What does it mean to be a technical evangelist? Check out this career video series

A lot of people ask me about what it means to be a technical evangelist, mostly out of confusion because it isn’t a job title you come across very often.  Earlier I wrote about what it means to me to be in this exciting role here.  A talented group of students and Gigniks also interviewed me as part of a career video series, where you can find fun career videos of people with really interesting jobs in various industries—entertainment, science, technology, business, and government to name a few.

Want to learn more about fun roles in technology?  Check out this blog series consisting of articles written by my friends in technical consultant, finance, and account manager roles.  Are you a student who’s wondering how you can get into a developer evangelist role?  Start by finding technology that excites you, and build something with free tools from DreamSpark.   

Tech Evangelist (Microsoft) from dailyworker on Vimeo.


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