Moving the Blog to Wordpress

I am moving my blog to The reason is ... you may be surprised: I am leaving Microsoft, and going to work in another company (you will probably hear soon on that from my new blog).

I will still work with Microsoft technologies, but will not be limited to management products. So the profile of my blog content might change slightly. I don't know when this "old" blog will be retired, hopefully it will stay for some time. But any new posts will be posted only to wordpress.

The good news is, that all old content (except zip attachments (they are moved as links to old blogs) and comments) is migrated! This is thanks to my wife. Shameful to say - I couldn't have done it myself! Maja: lots of kisses and a big thank you!!!

So please redirect your RSS readers to: and your browsers to:

To encourage you, I posted a new blog entry there: "Displaying distributed application state via SDK in OpsMgr".