[off topic] Biking, Christmas, Motivation...

My friend Jaro (our Xbox Bike Team Director ;)) started the new website for our XBOX bike team: http://www.xbox360biketeam.pl. Currently there are only photos there, but we hope to add some content in the future, you are welcome to visit. Meanwhile some photos still back from the summer (oh God, I am missing that weather).

Here I am on one of the marathons (still on my good, old Trek bike):


And here I am at the finish line (this time on the new, shiny... well not after a race;)) Mongoose):


Scary huh? I don't normally look like that - I usually try to look more serious then I really am ;) This photo is just after going "all out" on an 80km marathon that's why my face has a weird expression;)

But now winter has come to Poland (its subzero but no snow except mountains...) and its beginning to be increasingly hard to keep biking. I really don't know nor understand how I can still enjoy biking nor motivate myself to go out - its cold, wet, dark (in Warsaw its now dark already at 4 PM) and the only place at such times where you can ride is the asphalts of the city:( However somehow I still find it as a pleasure - this is one of the things that amounts to my weirdness I guess;)

ANYWAY: I wish everyone a big, happy, joyful Christmas with your computers stored AWAY. (At least that is a definition of a good holiday for me - but I know there are some definitely geekier ppl out there - cheers:))

Also all the best for the new 2008 year - lots of love, happiness and success. Many thanks for this 2007 year, also for reading my blog. I notice some people actually do read it and this is the real motivation for me to keep it running amongst many other duties, responsibilities and hobbies.