OpsMgr 2007 - noisy Cluster MP (6.0.6277.0) [update]

[update!]: issue is now corrected in 6.0.6277.1 MP, thanks to Marius for quick reaction on this: http://blogs.msdn.com/mariussutara/archive/2008/03/18/update-mp-for-monitoring-cluster-services-mscs-finally-web-released.aspx.

Unfortunately that MP has a breaking change which means you need to delete it previous version before importing new one. To delete an MP you cannot have any MPs referring to it. Read more on Marius blog: http://blogs.msdn.com/mariussutara/archive/2008/04/03/remove-old-management-packs-after-breaking-change-was-introduced-in-newer-version.aspx. Actually I used Boris Override Explorer to locate overrides and create new ones in a separate MP. This is one of the reasons why we suggest to use SEPARATE unsealed MPs for storing overrides for each sealed MP.

[end of update]

I would like to inform anyone using the cluster MP for SCOM just released (6.0.6277.0).

There is a noisy (due to suppression configuration) alert rule:


The suppression is not in place:






Hence for every file that is reported there is a new event. In case of my disk full issue on 1 server the environment created over 30'000 alerts.

I workaround by disabling this rule (I am monitoring disk free space by monitors anyway).

If you need to close the alerts by alert name here is the solution:

Get-Alert | where-object {$_.name -eq "Disk resource space alert."} | resolve-alert