OpsMgr 2007 SP1 RC Console crashes on x64 [updated]

When you try to open the Distributed Application Designer from a console installed on an x64 server you may see the console crashes with .NET error in the Application Log (something of type badimageformat).

This seems to be a bug in SP1 RC. To work around it use a console from an x86-32 (32 bit) machine to connect to the x64 server.

On OpsMgr 2007 RTM this issue does not exist.

However I still would encourage to install SP1 RC. From my two days experience with it I say it does improve the SCOM responsiveness, performance and reliability vs RTM. The above was the only bug I hit.

There is 1 gotcha though - you can't uninstall SP1 RC:


However remember that SP1 RC:

- is supported by PSS

- there will be a direct upgrade patch from SP1 RC to SP1 RTM