A student of the art form–the EMS Video

TL:DR? Watch Brad Anderson’s video on the Enterprise Mobility Suite to protect your organization from cyber threats from outside and within: http://blogs.technet.com/b/in_the_cloud/archive/2016/01/05/new-video-the-best-ems-overview-available.aspx

I’m a fan and a student of simplifying and synthesizing technical concepts. I love to see folks who present well – it shows a deep respect for my time and the art form. I’m particularly fond of folks who don’t dumb things down and don’t drown me with jargon/technobabble.

While on the longish side (watch at double speed), this overview of Enterprise Mobility Suite does a great job of story telling and synthesizing/simplifying. It showcases how Microsoft can help protect corporate assets while allowing people to be creative in how they work. As more of modern work migrates to hybrid and cloud environments, the threats are more imminent and pronounced. It is healthy to be paranoid – watch this video to understand the landscape, the threats and the strategies to help identify and mitigate risks.


If you are like me, you realize this style of storytelling is a different muscle that needs flexing. So here are some resources that may help (in no particular order):