November Feedback on Help for Team Foundation 2010 Beta 2


  • Page views continue to increase
  • Ratings continue to be high (average 4.31 out of 5, compared to about 3 traditionally) 
  • Project management continues to have twice as many page views as the next area (also still administration)
  • 4 out 5 of the most viewed topics were in project management
  • We have positive feedback regarding our approach of delivering placeholder topics in the beta releases.


In November, we had another substantial increase in page views, and we're still getting mostly positive feedback (averaging 4.31 out 5).


Four of the five most commonly viewed topics were from project management, which is still getting about twice as many views as the next most viewed section, administration.

Team Foundation


Project Management 

Six of the topics in project management received ratings, all high (4) or highest (5).

Project Management



Two administration topics received high (4) ratings and comments. 


Add a Report Server to a Team Project Collection is a placeholder topic that simply indicates the intent to publish this by RTM. In this case, we asked for feedback about whether that is helpful. The verbatim feedback is:

Having a placeholder is great in conveying that 'we haven't forgotten this topic' it's just not ready. Would be great if there was some inkling of what info you would provide once its done. That way if it doesn't seem inline with what I was looking for I could provide that feedback before hand as well and help make the topic more relevant hopefully!

Lab Management System Requirements received a high (4) rating, and the comment: "usefully".


Version Control

Version control content received a high (4) and average (3) rating.

Version Control

Use Labels to Take a Snapshot of Your Files received an average (3) rating and this comment:

Are you sure the rights to modify a label is Administer Shelves? In the admin security page the following right still existsAdminister labels tf: LabelOther Users who have this permission can edit or delete labels created by another user.


There was no feedback for build content.