Opposing Trends in Feedback on my Help Topics for Team Foundation

When I look at the feedback that we've received for the topics that I wrote or that I've picked up to maintain, I see a generally positive trend. In VS 2008, ratings for these topics are slightly better than they are for my topics in VS 2005. In Dev 10 Beta, the ratings are vastly improved over that. However, when I separate the SDK topics, I see that there are two distinct trends.

The trend for the mainstream topics (Team Foundation in the chart) is great. We made a little headway in VS 2008, and it looks like we're firing on all cylinders for Dev 10. That's encouraging, especially since that's where I've invested almost all of my time and innovation. However, the trend for the SDK topics is really bad. We haven't published SDK topics for Dev 10 betas, so there's no feedback. However, the trend from VS 2005 & VS 2008 indicates that, unless we change course, we should not expect good results. So, we've ramped up our efforts and we have a substantial effort under way that involves both the writing team and the API developers. When we publish the TFS API reference for Dev 10, I hope it turns the trend in the right direction. We'll continue to watch the feedback, learn what is working, and work to make the API reference excellent as well.