Summary of feedback in July on Beta 1 Content for Team Foundation 2010


The trends this month are good (or neutral).

  • New content is getting high ratings; existing content is taking the low ratings.
  • No new negative feedback on empty topics; one high rating on an "empty" navigation topic.
  • Project management remains 5 times higher than it's traditional share of page hits, on par with administration


We recieved 7 ratings and 1 comment in July, mostly good, which is encouraging after last month. Still, we need to see how this holds up.

07 2009 Overview


Team System

In Team System, the What's New topic was viewed almost 1000 times and it recieved another highest (5) rating.

Team Foundation

This month, the feedback was all build and version control. Project management (the top page views and the only ratings last month), recieved no ratings, and remained the most read section, but just barely.

All of the topics that recieved high ratings are either new or significantly reworked for Dev 10. The topic that recieved low ratings is unchanged from previous releases, except for maintenance of links.

Define Workflow Builds using the Default Template really only introduces two other topics, and makes the general statement that it will be fleshed out with more info later. I'm guessing that the reader was satisfied with the topics under this one, and not put off that it only contained those two links becaue it is Beta content, and we explained that the topic will be fleshed out later.

Watching from Last Month

We saw some potential trends last month. Here's how this month's data relates to that.

  • Page Views: Project management, which traditionally gets 1/5 the page views of administration (traditionally the most viewed section). Last month, proportion of page views for most projects remained pretty consistent wiht the traditional distribution, except that dv_TeamProject moved to the top of the stack, with almost 50% more page views than even TFSAdmin. This month, project management is almost exactly the same as TFSadmin, still substantially above it's traditional share.

  • Empty Topics: The was no new negative feedback from the empty topics, and there was one high rating for a links-only topic with the disclaimer. It's still clearly too early to know how this practice is being accepted.

  • Loc: There's no new data on localization