Hello Profiling

As most of you know corporate reorganization is bound to happen sooner or later.  At Microsoft it probably happens sooner than most other companies and it's happened to me now.  As we bid farewell to Visual Studio 2010 (which, by the way I'm quite happy with) and look to the future, it's a great time to align resources and get folks together to accomplish some things that we think will be great in the next version of Visual Studio.

So, I've been moved to a new team.  I'm the Dev Lead for the team that is responsible for the Profiling core features of Visual Studio.  I'm looking forward to getting into some low-level operations after having spent quite a bit of time with VS Extensibility and most recently Diagramming.  I'm kind of excited to get back to some core developer activities like debugging and profiling.  I'm close to the debugger team now and we're looking at ways to share some functionality in the future.

For the next version of Visual Studio, I hope to provide some great Profiling tools that you can use to continue to tune your code to get the most out of the CPU, Memory, Disk and Network.  It's all hush-hush right now because we aren't allowed to disclose anything, but stay tuned as I turn this blog into Profiling-relative way to disseminate information about development life at Microsoft and my personal spin on conditions of the universe.

On a personal note, nice to run into Scott and Jacob, two colleagues from Hawaii that I worked with on Progression.  Seeing them makes me relish some snorkeling and plumeria.