VS SDK (Oct 2005) for VS 2005 now posted

I'm very pleased to announce the availability of the Visual Studio SDK for Visual Studio 2005.

VSIP members can now download the VS SDK for the VS 2005 product (which was recently posted for MSDN subscribers).  This is the SDK necessary to build integrations into Visual Studio 2005.

Please note that the VSIPDev.com redirects you to a new site which has been modified significantly from the original (it uses Passport for identity management, for instance).  Don't be surprised by the changes.  Everything is still there, it's just been reorganized.

We'll have updates to this SDK in the near future and they are intended to work side-by-side with released SDK's so you can look forward to new samples, tools and libraries in the future.  The SDK team put in a lot of work over the last several months to get this SDK ready for release.  We hope you like it.  If you see any problems or have suggestions, please visit the Product Feedback Center on MSDN to provide feedback.