Getting the status of your test agents

Users routinely want to check the status of the test agents against which they are scheduling their remote test execution. The existing way of doing this was to fire up VS and open the “Manage Test Controllers” dialog

With Visual Studio 2013 you can now check the status of your agents on the controller itself using the commandline

TestControllerConfig.exe status [/testController:<testControllerUri>]

testController              URI of the test controller. Default is localhost:6901

Sample output

Microsoft (R) Visual Studio Test Controller Configuration Tool
Version 12.0…. for Microsoft Visual Studio 2013
Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation.  All rights reserved.

Total number of agents         : 1

Status of agents :
Agent name                     : vstfs:///…
Agent status                   : Disconnected

Summary of all agents :
Ready                          : 0
Running tests                  : 0
Offline                        : 0
Deploying build                : 0
Disconnected                   : 1

The agent status correspond to the existing known states listed here