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Integrating Selenium tests in a release pipeline in VSTS and TFS 2018

Today, I'd like to show you a proof-of-concept I created for one of my customers where we implement...

Author: Marcelo E Silva Date: 03/07/2018

Using web.config transforms and Release Manager - TFS 2017/Team Services edition

This is a follow-up to an old post on Using Web.Config transforms and Release Manager that I did...

Author: Marcelo E Silva Date: 02/09/2017

Using web.config transformations and Release Manager

UPDATE: Look for a newer version of this post that uses the new TFS 2017/Visual Studio Team Services...

Author: Marcelo E Silva Date: 01/19/2015

Finding Event Subscriptions in TFS 2012 Using PowerShell

Update: Changed script to use System.Collections.ArrayList for increased performance Update: You can...

Author: Marcelo E Silva Date: 05/05/2013

Using PowerShell and TFS API to list users in TFS 2010 (and 2012)

Update: Just wanted to let everyone know that this PowerShell script also runs under PowerShell 3.0...

Author: Marcelo E Silva Date: 03/07/2013