Different part of the world means a different DevDays...apparently......

I've seen a few posts in the blogosphere regarding the DevDays events that have occurred throughout the world. The one thing that is very apparent is that you are not guaranteed to see the same content or even get the same “goodie bag” from one DevDays to another. In fact, you are not even guaranteed to have paid the same price. I'll be honest and tell you that, while I have a few ideas of why this is the case, I'm not involved in the planning of DevDays throughout the world so I'm not going to speculate.

UPDATE: This post gives us a good idea why the DevDays in Belgium was different than others - “Microsoft Belgium decided to bring together their 2 major technical audiences (developers and IT professionals) in one big event: the Microsoft Belgium Developer & IT Pro Days 2004.” 

However, I'm interested in hearing what you folks think about the differences? I mean, does it make sense that they are different? Do you think there is value in customizing the content for the geography? What about the other differences - “goodie bags”, etc.?

We want this event to be a great event throughout the world so I'm interested in what could be done to improve it.