James Avery on Sam Gentile on Distributed Computing

James Avery has written my thoughts on Sam's post better than I could in this post. Enterprise Services and Remoting are things that every “Enterprise Developer” should be aware of and using in many of their applications. That said, not everyone is an “Enterprise Developer” working on large applications that need Enterprise Services and Remoting. 

I would like to point out, because James didn't, that Sam also notes in his post that *not all* applications require Enterprise Services or other distributed computing technologies. I believe Sam was saying that he believes there are a lot of applications that could benefit from Enterprise Services or a distributed architecture. However, he notes that many of these same applications don't make use of the technology because the developers are scared of the technology or don't understand it. I think he is spot on in this regard.

James has a great understanding of how software development works (and should work) in small, medium, and large companies. If you don't read his blog, you should. Rock on James!