Language Wars.....

Chris Sells says:

"Let The Language Wars Continue

I think that the CLR languages *should* have different capabilities and that programmers should be proud of their choice of language! The skinning the pretends to separate two nearly identical languages must end!"

I agree. I like the idea that each language has a special niche or reason for using it. Why do VB.NET and C# developers want them to be the same? Is this truly a curly bracket/no curly bracket debate? I hope not.

What do you all think? Should the Visual Basic .NET team be "allowed" to go off and develop super cool VB.NET only features and vice versa for the C# team? Leave a comment.

Nice discussion going on in the comments:

"I hate to say it but God himself could come down and tell all developers that C# and VB.NET are equal and there would STILL be C fill in the blank developers who wouldn't believe it. "

Join in on the fun!