Open for businesss!

Welcome to my blog and my first blog entry! 

Scott was kind enough to offer me some space and this very cool little application so I figured I would hop on the blog bandwagon. This blog will focus on many of the same things that my column focuses on: the software development life cycle, team development, book/product reviews, and all things .NET.

Time for some linkage so I'll start out with my favorite MSDN articles/shows for the week:

  1. New .NET Show
    ASP.NET Web Matrix 
  2. Two for the Road: Taking Control with C#
  3. Adventures in Visual Basic .NET: Developing the ChalkTalk Sample 
    Application, Part 2 

On my current project, I've been doing a fair amount of work with the built-in string formatting capabilities of the System.String class in the .NET Framework. Here are some nice articles on formatting dates, times, and other strings:

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