Run NakedObjects on .NET......

I found this three part series:

Part 1: The Case for Naked Objects: Getting Back to the Object-Oriented Ideal
Part 2: Challenging the Dominant Design of the 4-Layer Architecture
Part 3: Write an application in Java and deploy it on .Net

on to be very interesting. I think NakedObjects is a pretty neat architecture in and of itself. Basically, NakedObjects (a framework written in Java for use on Java) was ported to J#/.NET in a couple days. The interesting point that this article makes is NOT that you can write syntactically equivalent J# and Java 1.1 code. The interesting point is that you could write Java 1.1 code, run it on .NET, AND build VB.NET/C# objects that can consume the Java 1.1 objects. Similarly, you take that same Java 1.1 code and run it in a Java VM. Some interesting possibilities there.

Oh yeah, the J# team will find this statement very interesting:

“Within a short while he had successfully ported a complex framework and a simple application from the Java world to the .Net world, and it was almost disappointingly straightforward. Microsoft's claim that J#.Net was compatible with Java 1.1. suddenly began to look like the most overlooked capability of contemporary software development.”