Yikes...where does the time go...?

I'll tell you where it goes..........It goes to my project at work (as of 3:44pm today we are 759 lines from the ever elusive 300,000 mark!). It also goes to my favorite list serv!

At any rate, I've missed blogging over the last month so I thought I would pop in and tell everyone that since the Wrox demise (and consequent demise of my AspToday.com column), I've decided that I will split my technical writing between my column at AspAlliance.com and this here blog. Hopefully, after I get a few fires at work under control, I will have some time to write again.....it could be a month though. =(

The focus of my post is to try and drum up some candidates for two new .NET developer positions that we are adding to our team. Here are the gory details:
3-6 month contract positions (with full time potential)
Must know C# well
Must have experience working with or building large object oriented systems (IBuySpy is great but is not what we are looking for here)
Must be a team player (there are almost 15 members of the team now)
Must be willing to move to the greater Grand Rapids, MI area ASAP
Helpful if you have solid HTML and Javascript experience but not required

Essentially, we are bringing on developers to help push our product (a Student Information System) to market ASAP and because we are seeing a likely increase in sales so customization/maintenance is going to be a key to our success in the coming months.

If this sounds interesting to you and you fit the mold I described above then email me to discuss.

Updated: Both positions are filled.