BizTalk Server 2016 notes. Advanced development techniques

I wrote the BizTalk Server Notes series based on information I gathered from my blog itself  and, what I think is more important also, from the field experience. The series will gain in complexity so, read the introduction section before getting into it.

The latest one published is called Advanced techniques. It is not an introductory book as it assumes you have some BizTalk knowledge and strong .NET knowledge

My intention was to show you how you can create advance BizTalk Server Solutions. You will learn about the following topics:

1. Create your own BizTalk Server performance counters.

2. Developing side by side BizTalk Server solutions.

3. Applying versioning to BizTalk Server projects.

4. Securing data using the ENTSSO database.

5. Fix the SSO application snap in for BizTalk Server 2016.

6. Trace your BizTalk Server solutions using implementing Windows Tracing.

7. Query all BizTalk ETW traces using Debug view or the CAT Instrumentation Controller Tool.

8. Start and stop ETW traces.

9. Developing Custom Pipeline components.

10. Unit Testing BizTalk Server 2016 solutions using Visual Studio 2015.

11. Load Test for BizTalk Server using Visual Studio.

12. Examining the Load Test Output and export the report to Excel.

Having a solid foundation on these topics will allow you to create robust BizTalk Server solutions.

These series are focused in BizTalk development techniques, but the first one that is more generalist. However if you are a BizTalk Administrator and want to learn about BizTalk development, these are also your book series.

Happy reading!

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