Visual Studio ALM vNext announced at TechEd 2011, Atlanta

I am very excited – we just announced the vision for Application Life Cycle Management (ALM) in the next version of Visual Studio, at TechEd 2011 North America, at Atlanta. In his key note address on May 16, Jason Zander shared the vision and the roadmap, and demonstrated some of the cool features you can expect in that release.

As you know, we have been working on great tooling for ALM since 2005, and the last big release was Visual Studio 2010, released in April 2010. The next release that we are working on will continue to build on the strength of the past releases. Our tooling encompasses the entire lifecycle for application development, as shown in the graphic below


With each release, our focus has been on reducing the major sources of failure and waste in the lifecycle. Continuing on that journey, we have major investments in TFS, Test, and advanced tooling coming in the next version. Jason showcased some of these in his keynote at TechEd 2011 Atlanta – please read his blog post on the vNext announcement. We have also put together a whitepaper which provides a great overview of the motivation for vNext and captures some of the highlights and screenshots!

We are continuing to refine the experiences that Jason talked about, and I look forward to writing more about vNext soon!