Fixing Deleted Menus Items

Our team has been busy working on the next service pack for eVC 4.0 - SP3 - which addresses one of highly requested features from our customer to have the ability to use Remote Tools to target multiple versions of the CE Platform. As I was playing around with the Remote Tools menu in eVC 4.0, to verify one of the corner case logic, I ended up deleting all Remote Tools items from the Menus. While the code worked as expected, I realised that there was no restore button for the menu items on the tools menu, so the only option that appeared to use was to restore each one of them individually.

Guess what - a tip from one of my developers came in very handy. This is a registry edit so please ensure you save your registry before making changes and don't do this unless you somehow end up in the same situation as I did.

The suggestion was to remove HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\CEStudio\4.0\evc . This key gets regenerated on the next start of eVC and all Menus are restored when eVC 4.0 is started the next time. I just felt this was a fun tip to share.

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