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Selecting Your HDi Development Tools

Running samples is all well and good, but you're ready to get your hands dirty now. Well, the great...

Author: Amy Dullard Date: 04/23/2007

Installing HD DVD Interactivity Jumpstart on Vista

You were so excited about the Vista launch that you preordered your copy of the new operating system...

Author: Amy Dullard Date: 04/14/2007

HD DVD Resources

Development Resources Introduction to HD DVD Authoring Interactivity Jumpstart Kit HDi Sample Code...

Author: Amy Dullard Date: 04/12/2007

Getting Started with HD DVD

So, you've been tasked with creating a menu for an HD DVD and don't know where to start. Lets start...

Author: Amy Dullard Date: 04/12/2007

Interesting People and Their Blogs

Web Development Tools @ Microsoft Brad Bartz Vishal Joshi Andy Pennell Donnie Pinkston

Author: Amy Dullard Date: 04/12/2007

Allow me to introduce myself

As this is my very first blog entry on MSDN, I thought I would start it out by introducing myself to...

Author: Amy Dullard Date: 04/11/2007