Regarding Fonts in HD DVD

In my last post I mentioned that you can use an OpenType font if you wish to include dynamic text in your application.  But please remember to review the license of the font that you choose to use.  Fonts are protected by copyright and you must obtain proper licensing to use them.  And, just because the font exists on your computer (Arial, Times New Roman, etc) does not mean that you have the right to redistribute it (which is what you will be doing when you reference the font in your HDi application and ship off the disc).  Even if you have obtained a font that is shareware or freeware, you don't necessarily have the right to redistribute it.  Review the font license or you might risk being sued by the font creator - and I'm sure you don't want that.

Because of the issue involving redistribution of font, the Jumpstart kit comes with 8 OpenType fonts created by Ascender and licensed by Microsoft that you may redistribute with your HDi application on your HD DVD disc.  Yay!

  • KootenayTM regular (a sans serif design)
  • LindseyTM regular (a handwriting style design)
  • MiramonteTM regular and bold (a sans serif design)
  • PescaderoTM regular and bold (a serif design for text)
  • PericlesTM regular and light (a sans serif inscriptional style design)

You may redistribute these fonts as part of your HDi application.  However...

You may NOT modify these fonts.  If you find that you need a modification to these fonts - additional character sets, language support, etc - contact Ascender.   You can also create your own OpenType fonts if you desire.  Just don't modify these (or anyone else's fonts for that matter). 

You may NOT redistribute these fonts in any other applications, programs, etc.  You can use them on HD DVD, but not the other high definition format.  You might be doing work on both formats - avoid getting yourself into a licensing problem and don't mix your fonts! 

You man NOT install these fonts on your computer.  You can reference them in your HDi application, but don't put them in your computer's font folder.

Happy Programming...