Xbox 360 HD DVD Emulator Now Available

The Xbox 360 HD DVD Emulator is now available!  The emulator is downloaded through Xbox LIVE Marketplace on your existing Xbox player.  The Xbox 360 HD DVD Emulator can run projects from an optical disc, an external USB drive, or from a network drive, and logs API calls, errors, warnings, and exceptions with time code information to a networked PC.  The emulator also comes with support provide through the Microsoft Connect site.

Required Hardware:

Purchase and Installation:

  • Visit to purchase a redemption token.
  • You will receive an email with an Xbox Live redemption token to download the emulator and an invitation for the Microsoft Connect support site.
  • Download the PC installation files and best practices document from Microsoft Connect
  • Download the emulator to your Xbox
    • On your Xbox, sign into Xbox LIVE
    • Navigate to the Xbox LIVE Marketplace tab and select Redeem Code.
    • Enter your redemption code for the HD DVD Emulator.
    • After successfully redeeming the pre-paid code, select "Yes" to download.