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What the Data?!?

WHAT THE DATA??? - FashTech Summit April 2016 Tagged as an interactive presentation from a Technical...

Author: Amy Kate Nicholson Date: 04/22/2016

The Current Level of #ReasonsTo Happiness

This is an example of Azure Machine Learning analysing the sentiment of tweets to the #ReasonsTo...

Author: Amy Kate Nicholson Date: 09/07/2015

Continuous Learning is the Key to Progressing

Continuous learning is the key to progressing within any industry and this is truer than ever within...

Author: Amy Kate Nicholson Date: 06/21/2015

"In my … computer science department, there are more Dave's than girls" - Sheryl Sandberg, Lean In (2013)

Hi, my name is Amy Nicholson and I've recently joined Microsoft as a graduate on the MACH Scheme...

Author: Amy Kate Nicholson Date: 11/07/2014