Gemini Blogs & Videos

It’s been almost a month since we released the first CTP of Gemini and there has been a lot of activity on the newsgroups and in the blogosphere. Here are some interesting blog links…

Kasper de Jonge (

Thomas Ivarsson (

Chris Webb (

Vidas Matelis (

Marco Russo (

Also check out Donald Farmer’s blog ( It has a somewhat old post (Microsoft Project Gemini links) with lots of links to articles, press reports, analyst reports and blogs about Gemini.

Excel 2010 is a key part of the Gemini experience. Check out the Excel Team Blog ( for information about the cool features in Excel 2010 such as slicers, sparklines, improved data bars and charts, etc.

Got a minute? Watch a geminute at This is Donald Farmer’s new YouTube channel featuring one minute videos on Gemini. Also check out for an interesting video that highlights the Gemini value proposition.

That’s it for now.