Optimized DataMarket integration available with updated version of PowerPivot

Yesterday at PDC2010, Microsoft announced the RTW of Windows® Azure™ Marketplace DataMarket (DataMarket). Windows® Azure™ Marketplace DataMarket is formerly known as codenamed “Dallas”.

As some of you already know we have been working with the DataMarket team for a while to ensure that PowerPivot had a great integrated experience with the DataMarket preview releases. The goal being to provide a seamless experience allowing developers and IW’s to analyze commercial and public domain data from DataMarket directly in PowerPivot with just a few clicks!

What does it mean?

It means that PowerPivot had to undergo a slight facelift. Partly to accommodate for better discoverability of the DataMarket integration. Partly to optimize usability of connecting to DataMarket data feeds. The changes we have implemented are relatively small, but should make a significant difference for those of you who will be working with data from DataMarket data feeds.

It should be mentioned that even if you do not have the updated version of PowerPivot installed you can obviously still connect and use the DataMarket data feeds using the standard data feed user interface. It may just take a little more effort :) (for more details see previous blog post)  

What does the changes look like?

When working in PowerPivot:

  • You will see a dedicated DataMarket control has been added to the PowerPivot ribbon                


  • When selecting the DataMarket ribbon control you will see a slightly modified version of the standard data feed Import Wizard page, which has been optimized for more efficient import of DataMarket data feeds. Modifications include a brief introduction to DataMarket, specific entry points for account key as well as links allowing you to navigate directly to your account key or to the page for browsing available datasets on the DataMarket


  • The rest of the wizard pages have not undergone any changes are the same as the original data feed pages

When accessing from DataMarket:

  • You have the option of analyzing your dataset by launching PowerPivot directly from the DataMarket web site


  • Logic has been added to the service document allowing PowerPivot to seamlessly identify your feed as a DataMarket (rather than a standard atom feed) taking you directly to the dedicated DataMarket dialog

When is it available?

The updated PowerPivot msi was made available for download from the PowerPivot download page today!

Where to learn more?

To learn more, please visit the SQL Server team blog, the DataMarket team blog or simply click here to watch the video showcasing the PowerPivot and DataMarket integration in action!

Enjoy and let us know should you have any questions!