PowerPivot: Content + Community

[This blog post was authored by Ed Price from the PowerPivot user education team.]

We’ve been hard at work building out our content and providing community resources for learning about PowerPivot and sharing what you know!

And now we’re excited to show you three sites that we’ve been preparing for you!

First, our PowerPivot Help is up on the TechNet library:


The help content now includes the full DAX reference, and it tells a complete story of PowerPivot. So if you’re the type to read the manual and soak in the information, then grab a coffee, open your laptop, and enjoy. Or, if you’re just looking for a specific topic, search for it, browse for it, or ask us in our PowerPivot forum: http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/sqlkjpowerpivotforexcel/threads.

Second, we’re excited to announce that our PowerPivot portal is up on TechNet, on the Business Intelligence Resource Center:



Our PowerPivot portal provides a great gateway to some of our help content and a huge amount of community content that has already been written and will continue to be written as people continue to learn more about PowerPivot. For example, you’ll find links there to great videos, blogs, articles, books, and more!

Third, we’re bringing the power back to the people with PowerPivot on the TechNet wiki! You can edit topics, add information and examples, add new topics, and you can even connect with Microsoft team members and MVPs!


· About TechNet Wiki

· How to Join

· Getting Started


Check out a few of the pages we’ve already put up, and feel free to add your own pages, information, and examples:

We hope that you enjoy some of these new resources, and we hope to see you around in the PowerPivot community!