Released: Denali CTP3 Samples and TechNet Wiki

This was a big announcement week for us. Let’s finish it with a note about our new Denali CTP3 samples. JuanPablo already introduced the AMO sample in his Creating a Tabular Model with AMO blog post, but wait there’s more:

  • SQL Server Samples Readme on the TechNet Wiki   Ties all samples together and provides step-by-step installation instructions and links to related resources. The TechNet Wiki is our main portal for Denali CTP 3 samples. Bookmark it for the latest information.
  • Image Files for HelloWorldPicnic Tabular Model Sample   Contains more than 50 image files, especially for tabular models in support of Project Crescent reports.
  • Getting Started with Project “Crescent” and PowerPivot for Excel in SQL Server Code-Named “Denali” CTP3   Includes PowerPoint slide shows about Getting Started With Crescent and Tabular Model Reporting Properties and a HelloWorldPicnic PowerPivot workbook and Project Crescent report.
  • Adventure Works for SQL Server Denali CTP3 on CodePlex   Five downloads:
    • AdventureWorks2008R2 – CTP3 version of the OLTP database (no schema or data changes)
    • AdventureWorksDWDenali —CTP3 version of the data warehouse (new fact table with product inventory data and date data added to support Analysis Services scenarios)
    • SSAS Multidimensional Model Projects—new Adventure Works tabular model and updated multidimensional projects for the Analysis Services tutorial (customers like this a lot)
    • SSAS Tabular Model Projects—tabular models, PowerPivot workbook, and related Project Crescent reports
    • SSAS AMO2Tabular—programming sample that shows how to create a tabular model using AMO

Many thanks to our UE team for compiling these samples. Take a look at the samples and let us know what you think by submitting your feedback through the SQL Server Connect page.