Released: Twitter Analytics for Excel 2013

Back in 2011, we released a great PowerPivot sample application to query Twitter and analyze tweets within Excel 2010. This was a joint venture between Microsoft and ISV Gold BI partner Extended Results, and the great news is that Extended Results has finished an updated version that now also works in Excel 2013! For all the details, including a Quick Start Guide and some details about the Twitter Search Query Syntax, see the “Analytics for Twitter 2013” page on Microsoft TechNet.

The new Twitter Analytics for Excel tool provides a number of improved features, including:

  • Better UI control to apply new styling and drive better insights.
  • Better integration of PowerPivot so you don’t have to go behind the screens to refresh.
  • Several features for in-application development allow for better control with integration with Web services like Twitter and pulling all kinds of data content.
  • An application dialog showing the data/content as it’s being pulled.

Note that you might run into an installation issue because the Analytics for Twitter 2013 installer expects to find an Office15 folder in your Program Files (x86) directory. If such a folder doesn’t exist (and most likely it doesn’t because it is called Microsoft Office 15 or you have installed the 64bit version of Office), the installation will fail with an error that “Microsoft Office 2013 or greater needs to be installed for this installation to continue.”


This issue is easily fixed. Just create an empty Office15 folder under Program Files (x86). You can find a download link on the “Analytics for Twitter 2013” page on Microsoft TechNet. Happy Tweeting and Analyzing!